Education Program
Partnering With CTE

   Thank you for considering to partner with CTE Ministries. First and foremost before you commit to partnering with us I must remind you that your first commitment is to your local storehouse (church) Malachi 3:10 . If your partnering seed is going to interfere with that, please meet you home ministries needs first.

   As you are praying concerning becoming a partner with CTE Ministries let me tell you what your seed will aid in.
  •  Helping us get the gospel to millions of people.
  •  Help To aid in meeting the needs of people in areas of disasters
  •  Training of young people to meet the challenges of an ever changing world
  •  Mailing of tracks and other spiritual literature to people across the US and neighboring countries
  •  Prison Ministries
  •  Building a Ministry Worship and Conference Center.
and much much more....

    It is our prayers that you would partner with CTE in these and other efforts. We know that you may have concerns about donating via the internet, and those concerns are understandable. With all the ungodly people in the world trying to steal from others. I do understand how you feel. Let me assure you as Pastor of this ministry, your partnership seed will indeed go towards the advancement of this and other ministries local and abroad. You can use the following link to sow a seed into CTE Ministries
   Further, CTE is currently in a powerful Building Fund drive. Over the next year we are trusting God for 5 million dollars for the CTE Worship & Conference Center. We are requesting your support. We simply ask that you to sow a seed of  $5.00. We will send you a picture of the New Facilities and keep you up to date as to it's progress. The above seed amount is what we are requesting however any amount that you sow will be greatly appreciated. You can us the following link to sow a seed into our Building Fund.

May God forever bless you.



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